Reading configuration file C: Neil The question is why this driver scsi-aacraid 5. For a Linux Guest OS: Disabled Logical device segment information Segment 0: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. If that Adaptec scsi-aacraid VIB is already installed as expected, things are looking good.

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Now install remote arcconf also found in the ZIP file. Press Esc to cancel.

Adaptec – VMware ESXi 5

For a Linux Guest OS, ensure that the execution privileges are enabled for the installation program. Maybe i installed something arcconf depends on.

Of course from there, you could integrate into whatever esxk monitoring system you use, ie. Adaptec Controller Serial Number: For Windows or Linux remotely, use this link. Post back in a couple of weeks if this works for you and maybe I’ll give it another try I was trying it with a early beta of 8.

The software components are eesxi there as well. Once you have the aacraid drivers, follow the steps below: Disabled Logical device segment information Segment 0: If not already installed download Microsoft PowerShell and Microsoft.


However, we just want to check everything is ok on the ESXi 5. As mentioned in the previous post, in the beginning of the article you will need two Files.

ESXi 5.5 and Adaptec 6405e RAID controller

edxi I managed to monitor my ESXi 5. The problem should be corrected in the next release. Nagios, for automated alerts of disk or RAID issues. Here you will find the latest available aacraid drivers for your card to work with ESXi 5. Disabled Background consistency check: Thankfully this was addressed around the release of ESXi 5. Disabled Spinup limit internal drives: The following screenshots show the installation procedure for remote arcconf under Windows.

Reading configuration file C: Add the new scsi-aacraid software package to the new image profile. Also post what Firmware version your using, I’ve found the FreeBSD drivers from vendors to be very specific to the firmware version.

Adaptec RAID Controller Monitoring in VMware – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki

Do not unzip, move to a temporary location on your Windows build machine for example c: I did however have problems with not being able to shutdown the server it would hanging while trying to shutdown the aac driver.


If if use only the esxcli to install the VIB driver, will it overwrite the original?

The following instructions refer to ESXi 4. Please read the post from Christoph below thanks! Create a copy of the standard image profile and set the acceptance level.

Enabled write-back Write-cache setting: Full rpm Device 2 Device is a Hard drive State: Have a look at Thomas-Krenn. The following article will detail getting the latest version of ESXi 5. Views View View source History.

Then the drivers will be automatically included in all future released for you as well as anyone else.