I have owned this adapter for years now. Ritesh Rajbanshi 2 years ago. Unless someone wants to give me a free, working NHR. Before you do that, you will need a four way handshake. Is it compatible with backtrack 5 R3?

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Quick Reply With Quick-Reply you can write a post when viewing a topic without loading backtrxck new page. I have searched the net and downloaded the newest drivers with patches that I could find. I don;t received replies from AP. I used 2 different computers to run my tests, a netbook and a laptop.

You need to install the latest compat drivers in BT5 and for it to work in Beini you must use version 1. Was wondering what happens. Hey Raymond, You have given such a valuable information to us. Hey back2basic I am running ubuntu and all I want to do is increase tx-power to 33 dbm or at bxcktrack It cant get the IV’s and failed to send Association.

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ALFA NETWORK: Alfa AWUSNHR / BackTrack5 Installation Guide

There’s a bigger box. I may get around to trying again. Hopefully my woes are sorted out on August 11th! Quite the good range. Let me know if the exchanged card is any diiferent.

Best Compatible USB Wireless Adapter for BackTrack 5, Kali Linux and Aircrack-ng

I bought this adapter specifically for monitor bactkrack, and as yet have been unable to achieve it. Yes its an amazing adapter. If you don’t want to try a different distro then posting the output of the following commands would be helpful.

So if you would like to monitor, dump, save packets and then crack it, it will be fine. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

So, it looks like my review of the NHR will have to stand as-is. Since I already have one, I’m going to try to get them to send me an NHA instead, so I can have a complete test run of the series. Saeed 5 years ago.

So for now I favor the H and the NH. Dan Marcellus 5 years ago. The Linux kernel BT5 is based on has all country presets. I should get a multitester and see what the voltage difference is. He got it from Saudi. Thanks in advance for your any assistance. Hello there, thanks for this great tutorial, i started to become mad trying to connect my nhr. Hi, I just joined to let you know that the H, one of the major issues with the card is that is not an N network card. This adapter is the oldest in the list and it is no surprise that it performed badly on the test.


Mike 3 years ago. Are you getting this too? My friend is using it for more than four years very good device.