Setup now searches the network for an available Storage Server. View and Download Castelle FaxPress getting started manual online. You need to be logged in to NDS with Administrator privileges to the context where you are installing to. If you are installing on a Windows XP workstation, please note whether the workstation is a member of a domain or workgroup. We recommend that you use this mode of the installation only in the following conditions:. If you are installing your FaxPress on the Storage Server, confirm that:.

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Click Install FaxPress to begin in the installation process. The installation programs will be automatically launched and the Castelle FaxPress Setup screen will be displayed. Selecting Skip will enble the FaxPress 9. Overview Overview This Guide describes: Castellle some cases, castslle setup takes an especially long time to communicate with the FaxPress, the above Warning message may be displayed erroneously.

All FaxPress fax servers are similar in their operation but differ in their capacity and Castelle’s FaxPress Outlook Direct service software provides a simplified.

Include all hyphens, exclude spaces, and click Continue. Cas- telle reserves the right to change, without notice, product offerings or specifications and the information in this document.

Castelle’s FaxPress is a completely self-contained, fully-functional fax server windowa use The hardware and software solution provides users with the ability to send. If everything is correct, select Continue. You must have an available user license on your Novell Bindery server.


If you have a 10BT FaxPress unit and you are in an auto-sensing environment, use a workstation on the same hub or switch as FaxPress. Please note that the FaxPress 9.

Setup will now load the FaxPress server software and configure and reset the server. For instructions on the client setup, refer to Installing FaxPress Clients.

Make sure that there is an available drive letter for mapping the volume chosen during fxxpress install. To start using FaxPress client, you should first restart your computer.

The default name is the FaxPress serial number. Write this code down exactly as it is given to you, or select the Key code and copy it Ctrl-C. Castelle reserves the right to change, without notice, product offerings or specifications.

Please make sure you have Administrator privileges on this file server – not only Administrator privileges on the PC you are installing from.

Exit all Windows programs. As with all Castelle fax servers, the FaxPress comes with all the necessary hardware and software to allow network users to send and receive faxes from. To install the FaxPress Client for supervisorsyou must log on with NT system supervisor privileges.


Castelle FaxPress Getting Started Manual

Exit all Windows programs and disable all anti-virus software. Verify the parameters you selected. The Back button restarts the process with the selection of the drive partition.

The FaxPress server setup will create a temporary drive mapping to the volume chosen during the installation. This Warning message will appear if you select to skip the Product Activation Key process.

FaxPress Client Installation

Click the Obtain key from web button to retrieve the digit key, enter the key, caxtelle click Continue. Include all hyphens, exclude spaces, and click Enable.

Don’t faxpresw an account? If you install the client software from the network, only the FaxPress User Client installation will be available. Castelle makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual, and specifi- cally disclaims any express or implied warranties on merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. If you are creating a remote client, be sure to select Restart now.