Keep the packing material in a safe place. Press the key to load the paper into the printer. Find the packing material and the repacking kit. The setup item Functions groups the following printer functions: If installed, rotate the Front2 tractor outside of the printer. Printer Setups The main printer setup parameters can be selected via the operator panel.

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For the PRTN printer model, or the PRTN printer model with the cabinet option connect the ground cable in the interface area on the rear side of the printer cabinet. Make sure the power outlet is near the printer location and easily accessible. If you need to turn the printer on, press the power switch in the I position ON. Normal, Alternate or Program.

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It dompuprint be used if you need to repack the printer for shipment. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. When you release the key, the following messages will be displayed: Page If the printer is not installed on the cabinet, make sure that there is enough space to stack the printed paper Page 74 Functions This item groups various printer functions, with which you can configure the printer. The list is in alphabetical order.


The main printer setup parameters can be selected via the operator panel.

Repack the printer in it original packaging if you need to ship or transport it. Hold the fanfold paper in front of the sprockets and insert the paper perforation on the left sprocket pins and close the sprocket cover. The selected font FONT Function is valid until the printer is turned off or a new font is selected using this key. According to the setting of the TEAR item in the Program Setup, the paper parking procedure is performed in different ways.

It is important to use the correct paper for obtaining the best performance.

Compuprint 10200 User Manual

Main Structure Print out? If the paper to be ejected is longer than 18″ Power Connection Make sure that the power outlet matches the printers cimpuprint. Error Message Description Messages Indication Open the upper printer cover and fix the print head with the fixing strip. Page 24 Rotate the Front2 push tractor onto the Front 1 push tractor.


Emulation Options This setup defines the available options according to the selected emulation and is structured as follows: You can leave the manual tear off function by pressing again the key. NO The printer setup is printed. Remove the used ribbon cartridge by lifting it up. Alternate Parks the paper in the currently selected paper path.

The paper can be loaded into the printer using different paper paths. The printout starts as soon as you select this value. Insert the connector cable in the electrical connector located in the lower push tractor. Loading Mode Front1 Cmpuprint Front2 Tractor Compuorint 76 to mm 76 to mm 3 to 17 inches 3 to 17 inches Length 76 to mm 76 to mm Bring the printer box near the final printer location.

Cimpuprint E m ul. Yes N ext M acro? Before installing ribbon cartridge turn ribbon- winding knob arrow direction located cartridge to take up slack in the ribbon.