You don’t think the format affects what happens on a weekly basis? But it should work for the lower levels. Which may or may not be the case. They actually sourced parts and building services from Ferrari and Dallara and payed market rate for those services. An article titled Deloitte sports sponsorships already exists in the bookmark library.

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You have previously logged in with a different account. They need a budget cap. I think you guys are missing a big part of Nascar, and that’s innovation.

I imagine it would be difficult to enforce per-position wage limits, but something at the organization level may be enforceable.

I don’t mind the playoff bracket. Keep me logged in. Could be implemented as soon as or On another note, it would do wonders for the health of the teams if NASCAR would engage in more revenue sharing, but given their deliotts that seems fairly unlikely. You can buy as much or as nasxar as you like.

Something outrageous like an pt penalty or a complete banning from the playoffs for all of their teams. Saves so much money, and can only help competition. I would argue that seeing your favorite driver lock themselves into the playoffs makes witnessing that win much more exciting.


I just think it’s a step in the right direction and the “official” conversation about managing costs has been started, which i’m happy about personally. My guess is that this would be most effective at keeping wage costs down. This says they all want to cut costs, but can’t right now because they all need to be competitive.

I wonder if the owners welcome delitote finances being exposed?

NASCAR taps Deloitte to audit team finances

There are a handful of “top shelf rides” that the money seems to land in disproportionately All Star rides seeming to be some particularly flagrant examples. I suspect it could mirror CART’s arms race just to encourage parts with extreme performance that may break down with ten to go as seen with Indy with Andretti’s fuel pump.

You act like we just draw straws to decide the winner. I think it’s a great first step, why do you not like the idea? I would imagine part of the reason they zponsor being audited is to see where the team’s spending is currently going delkotte a time when there is no regulation.

Our Sports Sponsorships | Deloitte US

The first 26 are qualifiers for the playoffs. Of course, but there’s a massive difference between the cost of doing business and the profits the France family makes on a yearly basis.

The problem will be how it would be monitored and audited, but it’s obvious that the current model isn’t working. You have a driver that can win the 1st race of a round then coast, or have a driver make it to Homestead without winning a single race at all.


Hell, if Xfinity teams aren’t restricted by budget we may see an arms race there with the cars being so similar.

What is a claim price? To connect with your existing account, please enter your password: Whatever they do, it will be big time cheated. It’s really not that overwhelming Probably would have to deliothe it on a manufacturer wide basis, but basically if Kurt Busch won a race, the last place Toyota would have first claim right on his car all the way up until you got to the 2 Toyota. This will be interesting.

F1 generates more revenue per event than any sport

Not in direct technology obviously, but in understanding and manipulating some aerodynamic principles perhaps. Sometimes when I’m laying around the house in June and July I ask myself “oh boy it’s time for the Pocono race should I turn it on? One good sponsor should be able to pay for the season.