Once printer head is cleaned it will work perfectly. I could go on for hours but I won’t That is why epson introduced the xp line to have better text and still the image quality is high. Home Help Search Login Register. You can buy it from the following link:

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No artizan, no automatic document feeder and then the printer is also smaller. Maximum character limit is I can refill with ease. For desk top printer models, Ink2image supplies Duo bulk refill systems that include two refillable tanks per color for longer printing between refills.

All systems ship with either Ink2image Cave Paint or i2i Absolute Match inks, which are precisely color matched to the original inks so no new profiles or color settings are normally required. The dpson cartridges come with a dull syringe and have a plugged hole in the top. Please login or register. This list is no longer updated.

It’s a great value! Worth reading this article re: I think either the Canon or the Epson will do an excellent job on documents and a good job on printed photos. These all have CMYK plus a pigment black for text.


I would expect that both will have similar color print quality, both having 4 colors. I have had several small Canon 5 cart printers.

Epson – Artisan –

For refilling the cartridges, until you get it down, wear some disposable thin plastic gloves the first few times if you can find some. Selling a Epson R A3 Printer.

I don’t mean to sound like an Epson basher because I do love their printers, heck I have had 9 aritsan them and I get great pictures from them.

I can’t think of a 5 color in the current line up that has 5 colors other than the ones mentioned. Since then the manufactures have gone south trying to force their expensive ink on the consumers using incorrigible methods.

I’m an engineer, so I tend to pound things to death before I make a move Thank you tdudash, the techniques are well taken Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability.

Epson Pro,,,, Learn about AirPrint and the devices aetisan support it. How can the width decrease when not printing as they claim for the Epson xp, from But third-party drivers might still be available for older devices that do require a driver. Refill Sublimation Ink Pack includes the following 4 or 6 colors.


Epson Artsian 827 Screaming deal and ink questions

Which printer with 5 colors with good text doesn’t have fax and hence, smaller? HP HP 4. I have seen several methods for doing this, again, I just got off the boat, so I am pretty clueless You can buy it from the following link: This one has an additional grey cart which should be even better. Do both have it?

And second, how do you refill the cartridges and what do you need to buy? Once you get this down, it’s well worth the bit of hassle when you consider the savings. The SIZE is a much more important factor for me.