If the repair tech in ACER did not upload the schematic then we will not find it. Goodson HI Goodson, If there is no dry joints in the high voltage transformer and the supply voltage to inverter ic is normal then one of the backlight already have problem. I have cleaned the anode cap surrounding area, and there is no grease. Although i have not tested this kind of connection using one battery, the best is to replace with the original spec to avoid any problem. May 9, In other words there is no way to test other than to run it on its own circuit with power on.

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You are a great help to anyone who wants to learn electronics. Do you think I can use this multimeter, or would you recommend iosonic look for a better one?

I’m having significant difficulty getting my Radeon with the proprietary ATI driver. Can you confirm whether this is still an issue in natty? If there is a missing signal or the cpu is bad then check the optoisolator ic area or replace the cpu.

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You can try it out. December 10, 5. May be you can try without putting the additional flyback and replace it with another another cap.

Is there any other method to eliminate the noise? The Acer PW is a learning project so not really that concerned about making repairs per se. Posted December 14, If the monitor are using 3rd graded tube then the tube can have problem Some of the tube even has shadow of the display they used to show only one sort of display along the working service time of the monitor. Next purchase, blue ring tester.

Get the coolant to spray on that IC as well. The china version is only capable to test up to mm.

IISONIC IIM17F monitor. | Elektrotanya

Yes it is ok but it has to be properly connected and secured. Learn how your comment data is processed. I recently purchased an ESR iisonif which also measures capacitance while in circuit. The lED voltage is 2. Have you try http: I have cleaned the anode cap surrounding area, and there is no grease.

Brother mfccw driver windows 8

See also the anode cap pins photo, they are different from the usual one. Find out the critical test points and if you could source for the parts you are already in business. I have two monitors that I am trying to repair.


The smaller the dot pitch the better is the quality of the picture. The latter seems have better image quality. In addition, I had a question in regard to the CRT monitor, it became blur on the graphic, do you have any idea what caused the problem? Repairing Computer Motherboard I got a good blog post by Ranotosh on How about the LCD monitor, do iisonnic have the same problem if the display is almost the same anytime?

IISONIC IIM17F monitor.

If the tube is from low quality and have shadow then most probably the tube have problem. HI Saz, After shutdown is there still supply voltage at the vcc pin of inverter ic? Hi Ben, Try this link: December 14,