How to handle an ‘invalid object handle exception’ error in SilkTest Classic. Why do I get an “unterminated string” error when compiling my SilkTest frame file? Data source name not found and no defa How can shared DLL”s be deleted if the uninstall program does not remove them? Why do I get error: A SilkTest Test Suite cannot pass an argument containing “double quotes”, how can this be remedied? Hi Smith, Please don’t post duplicated threads.

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Database or object is read-only.

Solved: ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no defa – Microsoft Power BI Community

How can you create a hierarchy in the result file? Can SilkTest deal more than six decimal places? Message 10 of 13Views. Have a look at following http: How to handle dynamic recorded locator attributes. During playback of a test against Internet Explorer, a JavaScript dialog appears at random which causes my test to fail.

How do I resolve the error: How can I reinstall the Silk test plugin for Fire Fox? P Friday, March 15, 7: How can SilkTest toggle between two browser windows with the same title caption?


Hi All, When i tried to connect Oracle database 8i. Silk Test Classic does defajlt print the results summary when run from the command line using the -Resextract parameter.

Silk Test recognition of Excel accessibility objects. Failed to initialize the unit test extension ‘urn: Is it possible to capture a bitmap on a remote agent machine but save the image to the local machine?

ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no default driver specified

What values are returned by the GetRect function in SilkTest? To change the platform target, go to your project properties, click the “Build” tab and change target platform to “x86” instead of “Any CPU”.

When enabled application pool to 32 Bit application ans works as per post found here: Can SilkTest Classic testcases be called by using their name strings? How can I get an attribute value for a Html control?

How can SilkTest Runtime be run from the command line? How can SilkTest be used to retrieve the path name of a Hyperlink? String buffer size was increased from xxx to characters” in SilkTest?


What exact steps need to be followed in order to successfully pass parameters from a Visual test to a. Unable to capture the tool tip of a control when using CaptureBitmap. How can I count the occurrence of a word in a string?

Create a cross browser script in a SilkTest What else should be looked for to ensure that SilkTest has been completely uninstalled? Recording scripts with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Are there any tips on automating an installation of an application using SilkTest?

Issue uninstalling Truelog Explorer on bit machine. What are the causes of the “Read past end founv buffer” SilkTest error message? Window type mismatch – Expecting a round on my motif ddefault when selecting an item from a popuplist on playback?

Here is the code I am using.