Even if the section name itself does not indicate a special function of the section, the section name is dictated by convention, so the authors of this specification can refer to a section name in all cases. In both cases, the file headers are followed immediately by section headers. This is sufficient information to accurately reconstruct the entire contents of the member at the time of its use. This relocation can be followed immediately by an ADDEND relocation whose Value field contains the bit unsigned offset of the target from the beginning of the section. This precompiled code can be inserted into the final executable to implement a function, saving the programmer a lot of time. Based on the parameters that are passed to ImageGetDigestStream , other data from the PE image can be omitted from the hash computation.

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Each describes a location and size. A table with just one row unlike the debug directory. Attribute certificate table entries can contain any certificate type, as long as the entry has the correct dwLength value, a unique wRevision value, and a unique wCertificateType value. Aggressively trim working set.

The total size of the section when loaded into memory. For object files, this field is the address of the first byte before relocation is applied; for simplicity, compilers should set this to zero. The code uses the TLS index and the TLS array location multiplying the index by 4 and using it as an offset to the array to get the address of the TLS data area for the given program and module.


The layout of the tables matches that of the traditional import tables that are described in section 6.

For more information see.

This string is case sensitive and terminated by a null byte. For specific values and descriptions, see Import Type.

x86 Disassembly/Windows Executable Files

It is perfectly valid to have an empty list no callback supportedin which case the callback array has exactly one member-a null pointer. A reference to the 8-bit instruction that contains the effective bit VA of the target symbol. Each block must start on a bit boundary.

All data in sections of the PE image that are specified in the section table are hashed in their entirety except for the following exclusion ranges:. The wmd of the initialized data section, or the sum of all such sections if there are multiple data sections.

The CLR runtime header address and size. The frame pointer omission FPO information. H; instead, the Total Size field is used. The Base Relocation Table field in the optional header data directories gives the number of bytes in the base relocation dllcharacteirstics.

See values in the Section Characteristics section.


This continues until the FirstThunk value is -1, indicating no more forwarded values to import. In a Windows environment, executable modules can be loaded at any point in memory, and are expected to run without problem. There is no terminating null character in any of these fields. Such a record has a symbol name that is the name of a section such as.


The low 2 bits of the displacement are zero and are not stored.

windows kernel – WDM driver develop, sc start error – Stack Overflow

Dllhcaracteristics, it seems that it is not a SSL traffic:. Every image file has an optional header that provides information to the loader. The linker produces an image file, which in turn is used as input by the loader. Gathers all relevant debug data from the. The bit offset of the target from the beginning of its section. This is valid only for object files.

Each individual table is immediately followed by directory entries, in which each entry has a name or numeric identifier and a pointer to a data description or a table at the next lower level. The number of data-directory entries in the remainder of the optional header.

The following values are defined for the Name Type field in the import header. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.