The tester clears your test results, the test restarts, and the tester transmits the traffic you configured. Table 11 describes the results. The destination address for traffic generated by the near end tester is automatically populated with the source MAC address of the tester on the far end. Ping testing Using the Ethernet Tester, you can verify connectivity with another Layer 3 or IP device by sending ping request packets to the device. Short—Indicates a positive and negative line on the same pair are touching, and that the tester has detected an impedance less than 33 ohms. This ratio is determined using only the bits in the payload of the frame. The saved results were displayed.

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This involves indicating whether you want to configure transmitted traffic using a frame or packet format, and specifying the frame type and frame or packet length. Rx Mbps, Cur L2 The current data rate of received traffic calculated over the prior second of test time. Unicast Frames The number of Ethernet unicast frames received since starting the test.

LCD The SmartClass Ethernet tester currently ships with a x pixel color display with contrast control and backlight. Auto Neg Rate — — — 10 When testing electrical Ethernet, the tester advertises this as the maximum rate supported during auto-negotiation. If you do not connect the cable to a far end device completing the circuityou can also use the Open detection feature to measure the length of a cable.


Frame Rate, Avg The average rate of received frames, expressed in frames per second. Throughout the menus, the numbers associated with each function provide a quick way to perform tests with simple numerical sequences. The traffic streams are enabled, and the load is configured. TOS Enter the type of service in binary format.

Specify whether the tester should indicate whether the test passed or failed in the RFC log.

JDSU Network Testers

The distance from the near end tester to the end of the cable or the cut is also provided. Tx Mbps, Cur L2 Etheret current data rate of transmitted traffic calculated over the prior second of test time. Broadcast – sends traffic to all network devices on the link. Dest Addr Enter the destination IP address for traffic transmitted by your tester.

Setting the date and time. When configuring the traffic, you can optionally assign a unique source MAC or IP addresses to each individual stream, or you can use the same source address for all streams. To lock the keypad — Press the Backlight key and 8 key simultaneously.

If you specify jumbo frames, specify the frame size in bytes.

JDSU SmartClass Ethernet Optical Electrical Tester

Frame Type — — DIX Energizer is either a trademark or smwrtclass trademark of Eveready Battery Company, Inc. Initializing the Ethernet link. Available only when configuring electrical tests.

Results in this category accumulate after you transmit or receive traffic over the link.

You can modify the copied settings manually if necessary. If you are transmitting jumbo frames, allow at least ten seconds after starting the test to reach the bandwidth specified. Auto-negotiation must be enabled when testing Mbps electrical Ethernet.


To specify link initialization settings 1 Select Configuration, and tewter select Link Settings. If you are testing on an unswitched Ethernet network, you can use a hard loopback at the far end of the circuit.

Time To Live L3 Streams Specify the time after which a packet can be deleted by any device on a circuit as a number of hops.

If you select Auto Sensing, the tester determines what type of port is connected at the far end of the link, and then configures the RJ port tesger your tester to be compatible with the port on the far end. All Received Packets A count of all packets received since starting the test, including errored packets. The destination address for traffic generated by the near end tester is automatically populated with the source MAC ethernt of the tester on the far end.

After the trace is complete, the results display indicates that it is complete. Link Counts results The Link Counts category lists counts such as the number of received frames or packets, number of transmitted frames or packets, and number of unicast, multicast, testwr broadcast frames. Software options When you order your tester, you can order the following software options to expand your testing capability: